Karin Walker

Over two decades and more than a thousand days of work in the booth have given me a robust body of professional experience that extends from the European institutions to the private market. As a musician, my ear is attuned to what speakers don’t say, too – allowing me to bridge the gap when words do occasionally fail.

Growing up with two languages and two cultures prepared the ground for me to become what I am today – an arbiter of tone and culture as well as language.

My preferred areas of work are European patent law, economics and finance, and youth work. However, armed with professional research skills I love to engage with new and challenging subject areas, too. After all, in conference interpreting as well as in music, you can never tell what is around the corner.

E-Mail: walker@konferenzdolmetscher-nrw.de


Karin Walker – Essentials
  • Postgraduate degree in Conference Interpreting from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (1999)
  • Freelance conference interpreter (languages: English and German) since 2002
  • Accredited to work for the European Union institutions since 2010
  • Conference interpreting trainer (German to English) at Zurich University of Applied Sciences since 2013 (on sabbatical in 2021)