Andrea Wilming

…lend me your ears! Working as a freelance conference since 2004, I am passionate about my work, which allows me to travel Germany, Europe and the world. I am grateful to have chosen this profession since it allows me to cover such a wide range of topics. As an amateur thespian, I love to take the stage. However, as your interpreter I prefer to stay in the background, keeping the spotlight on you and your event.

The role of an interpreter, in my view, goes far beyond meeting speakers’ language needs. An interpreter needs to find the right balance between professional conduct and mastery of the subject matter, adding a healthy measure of the human factor to ensure you and your event get the appreciation they deserve.



Andrea Wilming – Essentials
  • Degree in Conference Interpreting from Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg (2004)
  • More than 15 years of experience as a freelance conference interpreter (languages: English and German)
  • Teaching experience of ten years: Institute of Translation and Multilingual Communication at the TH Köln / University of Applied Sciences and Institute of Translation and Interpreting at Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg